Quick Tips for Novice Pianists


If you are just starting out playing piano, you may be wondering what the best way to go about learning is.  For most, the first thought that comes to mind is finding shortcuts. While there are not necessarily any shortcuts one can truly take, there are more efficient approaches that can be implemented.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed when approaching a new topic without any prior knowledge. Fortunately, there are a few strategies one can take that will benefit the learning process.  The following information will assist you in learning how to play The One Smart Piano.

To begin with, the fundamentals of music theory are a great way to prepare yourself to play the piano. Learning music theory will make every single piano lesson easier, because you will be able to follow the material with a deeper understanding. Learning the difference between terms like chords, key signatures, rests, and being able to read them on a music sheet will vastly improve your experience.  Be sure to review what you learn constantly.  Basic music theory can be learned from a book, or with the help of an instructor

Another method you can use to learn to play the piano more easily is to work onyour scales.  One can define a scale as a collection of music notes grouped together based on pitch or fundamental frequency.  In less complicated terms, playing a series of notes beginning and ending with C is a scale.  How each scale sounds, as well as your familiarity with your piano will be improved by repeating this process. Take your time and go slowly at first, then after a few sessions, pick up the speed a bit.  With this exercise, you will vastly increase your confidence when approaching your piano lessons. Check out this website at http://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/09/11/georgia-peace-pianos-mann-pkg.cnn for more details about pianos.

A new skill should be approached with the added help of modern technology. If you do not have the means to hire an instructor, there are many videos you can find online that are still incredibly helpful, and usually free.  If you decide to get a digital piano, which is the cheaper option anyway, you will even be able to have guided lessons.  If you want to practice at hours normally designated for silence, you can do so with a digital piano that is compatible with headphones. Apps on your smartphone and programs on your computer are all a click away, and can help immensely with the learning process.

Comfort is the most important factor when you are learning the piano.  There is always some level of intimidation when one is learning a completely new skill. With the help of knowledge, you can ease your way into the learning process with much more comfort.  With the help of this knowledge along with basic music theory, learning will be much more enjoyable.  With the added bonus of modern technology, it will be all too easy to stay motivated.  It is our hope that the information provided above will assist you in your process of learning The One Smart Piano.


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